the real secret of SEO success: "Those who know don't tell and those who tell don't know" (Zen)

SEO Nightmares

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Fascinating web designing tips for beginners and experienced both

If you know the nuances of creating a website, you can easily take this as your profession and do it for your living.


How slow is your website? Don't let it become a new ranking nightmare

Google officially announced new site speed algorithm


Shared IP Address is risky, myth or reality?


A Google Horror story:

What happens when you are disappeared?


Matt Cutt's dream

Matt had a dream about a spam-free landscape of domains in Google's index. But his dream can become your nightmare if you do your work wrong!

Read Matt's dream


Distributing free widgets with a link to the creator is SPAM!?

Read: Widgetbait gone wild


A SEM nightmare

Getting banned and blacklisted when using two different AdWords accounts on one computer. A horror story of Jay Weintraub.
Guilty until proven innocent


A Google penalty that was caused by a user

One of the nightmares you can have is when 'others' could harm your site and get penalized by Google.
Hidden text penalty


Net Builders Webmaster Forum


Some humor to take away your daily SEO stress

SEO Nightmares



Learn how to avoid bad web design and identify wrong Search Engine Optimization practices


You will be amazed how many web designers and dubious Search Engine Consultants use wrong practices in web design and Search Engine Optimization.

There are two reasons for this:



Deliberately, to manipulate the search engines for better rankings.


Unintentional, due to lack of knowledge, time, control or other reasons.


ok buttonLearn from other's errors

(there is no shame to make an error, there is only shame if you don't learn from it)

For the second group, you are here at the right place. I have compiled a top list (still growing) of most used web design mistakes and most used wrong SEO techniques. Learn how to avoid web design mistakes and how to identify (and avoid) unethical SEO techniques. Use this information as a checklist or guideline for your website's design and your optimization methods. If you recognize any of the mentioned practices, then get rid it of ASAP!



ok buttonDo a regular health check

Like your car, your website needs to have a check up now and then. Especially when you have your website for a longtime and have a high activity of changing and growing content. A change in your site's architecture, lay-out or content can result in destructive (ranking) results which immediately will have effect on your ROI. Especially checking your outbound links is a very important issue. If one of your outbound links is linking to a spammy site, then your site can be infected too by some filter.

You can use a tool to check the Badware Website for any reports.

or Check if an outgoing link is part of a bad neighborhood


Do the same for your SEO. The algorithms of search engines changes a lot. Also the guidelines of proper web design, proper SEO and proper link building changes now and then Keep yourself informed and check your own methods regular and be convinced that they are still valid. The best tool to check your website's performance is analyzing your website statistics.

Your statistics tells you how your pages are performing and if visitors use the right keywords to find your site. Your statistics also tells you your conversions, especially when you use specific SEM campaigns. Many people think that SE ranking is the most important critical factor of your website's success. Wrong, it is your ROI which should be your most important critical factor. And your website statistics can tell you how your site is performing.

What works today can fail tomorrow.



attention buttonWhat happens when using bad design and SEO manipulation





Errors and an overflow of HTML warnings can hurt the accessibility and usability of your site for as well human beings as crawlers.


Slow loading pages can cause premature bouncing


Visitors can get lost in your site when using wrong navigation


Visitors will point quickly at the white cross in the red square


Search engines can 'filter' your site (lower ranking)


Search engines can ban your site (not ranking at all)


Your site can land in bad neighborhoods (bad linking)


Visitors hate pop ups (and will bounce away)


You have to pay a lot for ads while you could be in the organic SERP


You can get negative feedback from your visitors/customers


You can get serious complaints (even from search engines)


The existence of your site has no added value in the www (bad, poor content)


You will have no income


Is this what your want?



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