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Distributing free widgets with a link to the creator is SPAM!?

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Another SEO Nightmare:

Distributing free widgets with a link to the creator is SPAM! (according to Google)

Google says:

"Widgets that are distributed with a link back to the site that created the widget are fine," it says. "However, going a step further and selling links to third parties is against our quality guidelines. Sites that employ or distribute such widgets may risk losing rankings.

In this case, the creator of these widgets is a website called "OnePlusYou" which is a free dating site. This website has been banned (with a former website) from the index by using a link in the widget to an off topic website. They started a new website and decided only to use white hat practices and put the link to their original website, which was the (new) free dating site. When they did this, Google replied:

We heard word from Google regarding OnePlusYou, stating it was "the same off-topic widget tricks all over again on another site" and that our new site could suffer the same fate as This was the first communication we'd heard from Google that adding a keyword-rich link from a widget to our own site was an ultra-mega-Google-NO-NO.

So, does this mean that distributing widgets with a link (that can be removed by the user who puts this widget on his website) to the source will be considered as 'off topic', in other words can get penalized by Google when doing this?

Learn from: 'Widgetbait Gone Wild'

Widgets are great stuff for linkbait. But after reading this blogpost I advise you should think twice before implementing a linkbait like this.