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Matt Cutts' dream can become your nightmare!


You can read the original post at Matt Cutts Blog

December 19, 2005


I quote Matt Cutts dream:


I’m not always great about leaving work at work, but I’ve never had SEO dreams before. A few days ago, I dreamt that I was surveying the landscape of domains in our index. There was hardly any spam at all, except for one blip on the landscape, so I zoomed in on it and saw that one lone dental plan site had gotten through our algorithms; all the other spam was down in the noise. For some reason, Oilman was working on a computer to my right. He looked happy.

“What are you so happy about?” I asked.
“My spammy dental plan site is doing really well!” Oilman replied.
“Ah.” I sat for a few seconds and stared at the dental plan domain name that I saw on my screen. Then I turned to him and asked “Is your site named”
Oilman got a perplexed look on his face. “Yeah, how did you know the name of the site?”
I smiled as I turned back to my computer and hit the delete key. A second later, a loud wail started from just to my right.

Weird dream, huh? Here’s what I think it means: I shouldn’t eat pepperoni pizza and then go to bed after listening to SEO podcasts on Webmaster Radio.


Although it is just a funny post, it has a serious message:

One day Google will have a human eye on your site and if you didn't do your SEO work properly, well you probably know which key Matt will hit.



Comments by users:


Shell Harris Said:
October 2, 2008

While the manual process of evaluating the majority of the sites on the Internet may never come to pass, I firmly believe that a manual check of major sites is probably a daily occurrence at the Big G. I have interviewed people who work for Google’s Adwords program and they look at sites 40 hours per week to make sure the site if relative to the ads. So the SEO eye in the sky can’t be too far behind.

At least we know Matt Cutts does sleep.