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A SEM nightmare

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A Google penalty that was caused by a user

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Banned by accidentally using two Adwords accounts on one computer

Unfortunately there are some real horror stories going around related to SEO or SEM. Especially those stories where website owners didn't use any unethical practice. Let us learn from these stories and let's hope that the 'big' market leading search engines will learn from it too!

I quote the main issue of this story:

"A person who has access to the company's AdWords accounts has their own AdWords account. They are a good employee and don't work on their personal project at the office, but as a good employee they do work on your business while at home. By accessing both AdWords accounts on the same machine, Google decides both accounts are the same person despite their being different. Worst case, the employee breaks the rules with their personal account. The employer finds their campaigns stopped and can't get them back online."


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